VITAS Hospice Can Help? Animated Video

Using Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Flash, & Adobe Premiere to create videos to display content for patient and staff for hospital environment.

VITAS Hospice Can Help? Responsive Campaign Page

This was one of my first campaign page I had to create for VITAS Healthcare. I took the existing layout and with the art directors guide i was able to push this project to the next level. The design is created in Adobe Photoshop and several images was sliced and taken to Dreamweaver and the layout was coded up using html, css, jquery, and some .net.asp

Desktop View

B-06897-DMKT- Hospicecanhelp-responsive_v2

Mobile View

B-06897-DMKT- Hospicecanhelp-responsive_550px_V2 B-06897-DMKT- Hospicecanhelp-responsive_350px_V2

One of some responsive webpage created at VITAS Healthcare