Transition Farm Mobile App Design
– Conceptual Design –

iOS • Tablet • Research • Testing • Personas • Wireframes • Flowcharts • User Interface

Project Overview

This project was given to me by a friend of mine who owns a small business looking for a responsive app design. This project was based on his Community Supported Agriculture type of business. The system is setup where they share their farm to pre-paid customers yearly base to enjoy the all-around vegetables and fruits they grow. The customer will receive a box of food each week with the current harvest.

My Contributions

I was responsible for this project from start to finish. This included doing research, defining personas, creating flowcharts and wire-frames as well as designing a finished user interface.


The client wants to increase their weekly sales by promoting other value package depending on the customer choice. Therefore, we have to create a tool where we can help the buyers learn new ways of implementing new cooking guides and choice for new food depending on the customer’s weekly interest and choices.

For this project I started by researching some of the competitors and how they function through there system. Daily Harvest, Farmbox Direct

Both Daily Harvest and Farm Box Direct has the option to customize the box by adding and removing what you want, but both requires customers to pay before going through that option and it forces customer to input there email and zip code.



This part is mainly to work out all the functions of each page and how each of the elements on the page will work together.

Final Design Layout