Fish On Mobile & Web Design
– Full Design Process –

iOS • Tablet • Research • Testing • Personas • Wireframes • Flowcharts • User Interface

Project Overview

The clients wanted a design for a concept for a fisherman who loves and enjoy everything about the sport of fishing. They wanted a site to showcase a gallery of different catch and a place to buy fishing equipment’s. The clients and fairly looking for a more of a creative design and they have a good budget for this project.

My Contributions

I managed and designed the full company branding from logo design to the color scheme. I also designed the full website and app and added additional items to the projects to enhance the client’s customer flow to the site.


They wanted a full branding of the company from logo design, web, app, and other printed needs. They wanted the site to have an image gallery for displacement of the different catch. They also wanted a store to purchase their products.

I also implemented the idea for a recipe section for people to share their cooking tips and different videos.

For this project I started by researching some of the competitors and how they function through there system. (Bass Pro Shop) and (Take Me Fishing) are some of the site I viewed to get some kind of ideas for a store layout and a full overview of the layout. Bass Pro Shop has too much going on there site and it was more for promoting sales whereas Take Me Fishing was too simple and there was no hierarchy in design or any concept behind it.



This part is mainly to work out all the functions of each page and how each of the elements on the page will work together.

Final Design Layout